Otoscopy/ Video Otoscope

The examination of the outer ear and surrounding area plus your ear canal and tympanic membrane (Ear Drum) An otoscope/auriscope is used with is a handheld magnified light with a speculum attached. If suitable you can see this through video otoscopy and displayed in a screen.

  • Audiometry

Suitable for adults and older children

This test assesses your hearing threshold across a range of frequencies (pitches) It involves sitting in a sound-treated room, listening to sounds, of varying intensities, via headphones and responding every time you hear a sound. The results are plotted on an audiogram (graph) and thoroughly explained to you.

Suitable for preschool children

This fun assessment measures your child’s hearing levels of a range of frequencies (pitches) especially those frequencies required for speech acquisition and development. Your child will respond using a conditioned play activity, e.g. dropping a block in a tub, placing a ring on a stand. All results are graphed and explained.

Suitable for infants (from 7 months)

During testing, your child will be seated on your lap in a sound-treated room. Sounds of varying intensity (volume) are presented from speakers. Your child will be conditioned to turn to a sound, then they will independently turn toward the appropriate speaker and is rewarded. Results are charted and explained.

  • Tympanometry

Suitable for all ages

Tympanometry is an objective examination used to test middle-ear function. It is not a hearing test, but it is a valuable component of audiological test battery (e.g. it can be helpful in making the diagnosis of otitis media/glue ear by demonstrating the presence of a middle ear effusion.)

  • Acoustic reflex

Acoustic Reflexes may be performed at the same time as Tympanometry, it includes listening to some sounds for a few minutes in order to measure the reflex of the muscles in the middle ear, through the same tip/probe already in place for tympanometry.

  • OtoAcousticEmission (OAE)

All children born in Ireland since 2013, have a ‘hearing test’ shortly after being born. This test is an OAE and it is performed under the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening programme.

Suitable for all ages